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The work-study program

What happens if I don’t work or complete my assigned hours?

You will be required to pay for the remaining hours as well as a prorated amount of your loans and grants.

What happens if I start working and later find out that financial aid has been revoked for any of the ineligibility reasons?

Financial aid will be stopped irrespective of whether hours have been worked or not, and you will not be paid for the worked hours. This means you will have a debt for that semester, which you’ll have to settle before being able to register for the next semester.

What is an e-timesheet?

An e-timesheet is an electronic form on which worked hours are recorded daily (access is denied to previous days’ records). Supervisors are expected to validate their assistants’ time sheets at the end of every month and semester.

What is an assignment letter?

An assignment letter is a form issued to each student indicating where he/she should work his/her assigned hours. These forms are distributed to students when they are initially assigned or when the work location changes. The form needs to be signed by the supervisor and submitted to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office within the first two weeks of each semester. A student assistant who does not fulfill this requirement jeopardizes his/her own eligibility for the relevant semester.

Can a student assistant choose where to work?

No. But requests are taken into consideration when possible.

Can the employment location be changed within a semester?


Can the employment location be changed in a subsequent semester?

Yes, provided the supervisor submits a release letter.

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